Naomi Scott’s star is on the rise lately. The British import starred in this year’s Power Rangers reboot film as high school queen bee superhero Kimberly, the Pink Ranger, only to be later cast as Arabian Princess Jasmine in the live-action reboot of another beloved franchise, Disney’s Aladdin. She may be putting her singing chops to good use in that role, but in the meantime, she’s got new music of her own to show off. From her upcoming EP, here’s the official video for her latest single, Vows.

In this artful R&B music video, Naomi is seen in the reflection of her rearview mirror as she drives through the neon-soaked Tokyo, Japan.

Astute Ranger fans may raise an eyebrow at the subtitles which alternate between a pink and yellow font, intentionally or accidentally nodding to the Pink Ranger Kimberly and Yellow Ranger Trini from the Power Rangers film, where the two ladies slowly built a friendship (or something) over the course of the story. Herself a recording artist, Becky G shared some of her best scenes in the film as misunderstood new student Trini with co-star Scott.

Having never heard her material before, I admit I was expecting something more outrageous and loud. This understated, laidback sound compliments a video with beautiful cinematography, rich colors, and a delightfully uneven view of the featured character’s surroundings, accentuating the mood described in the lyrics.

The release date for Naomi Scott’s newest EP, also called Vows, is yet to be announced.