HJU on Twitter

Since 2011, Kamen Rider The Diner has been serving food and drinks inspired by the many heroes, villains, and other eccentrics of the Kamen Rider superhero universe. Starting this week, the Tokyo restaurant is cooking up some special treats for the Halloween season, featuring Ghosts of Kamen Rider Past and Present. Many of us will be left without the chance to sample these delights, but it won’t hurt (much) to make your mouth water a bit.

The diner’s official Twitter gave us the heads up on their Halloween-themed menu items.

It’s not every day someone can recommend you swallow graphite and actually mean it in a good way.

Among the drinks inspired by the monster Graphite from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, you also have items for the Wolf Orphenoch from Kamen Rider Faiz, Ikadevil and Bee Woman from the original Kamen Rider, Nazca Dopant from Kamen Rider W, the newly-christened Night Rogue from Kamen Rider Build, and more. Also, there are eight special coasters available, because even at a restaurant they can’t resist offering collectibles.

These items are only available through to October 31, so if you or someone you know will be in the Ikebukuro area in time, we can think of worse ways of getting fat and happy this month.