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Halloween is fast approaching, and for some that means the search for the perfect costume may soon begin, if it hasn’t already. If you’re feeling like letting your nerd flag fly, you might consider these suits and props inspired by the Power Rangers movie. If nothing else, you know you won’t have to suffer being the fifteenth Stranger Things kid people see by the time you show up to the party.

These costumes come from the people at Disguise. They’re sporting a wide range of sizes and styles, available for child and adult fans alike. Among their offerings are Ranger suits in both “classic” and “muscle” form, as well as gloves, weapons, helmets, and even a full Megazord outfit.


I love that even the costume model is wearing heels here. Because nothing says “mortal combat” like ballroom footwear. I will say though, the detail on the suits themselves is nothing to sneeze at. You might actually look decent, assuming you have the body of an after-picture. When asked, I may just tell people that my costume is of a Ranger who hasn’t mastered the morphing training yet, so… you know, it’s a partial morph.