Well, that was easy. Infini-T Force, the animated superhero drama that unites characters from several different iconic series, is available to watch now for free, in Japanese with English subtitles, courtesy of TubiTV and Viz.com.

We discussed the show before it was released to the masses, but now we can all see it for ourselves. Already, the first two episodes are up for streaming, and they’re a doozy.

Gathering heroes from the Tatsunoko Productions classics Gatchaman, Casshan, Tekkaman, and Hurricane Polimar, the new series begins with a bang, but quickly settles into its greatest strength, which is its loving portrayal of the characters from each of these famous anime titles.

I especially enjoy Joe the Eagle of Gatchaman, who presents almost like some kind of Reverse Captain America in personality. A man with a clearly outdated sense of the world around him and the social norms that have leaped forward without him noticing. Except, in his case, he’s more likely to be a complete dick about it than to shrug warmly and move on.

Each of the four main heroes feels charmingly out of place, having been ripped away from their own separate realities by a malevolent force that threatens countless lives across the multiverse. With their help, the disaffected young Emi, with her strange, oversized pencil, may be the only one who can stop this impending cataclysm. Her name is spelled with the character for “laughter”, an ironic note for one who makes personal wagers with herself about how she’ll spend her time if she manages to survive the life-threatening scenarios she deliberately throws herself into.

This is a girl with issues. Luckily, Emi’s got four potential new friends, with flashy superpowers, who may be just the thing she needs to shake her from this terrible rut. That is, if she can survive the onslaught of robots and monsters being thrown her way.

The action of the series is kinetic and slick. At least as much as I could have expected from a CG animated title in series format. The limitations of the style often chase me away, presenting itself as cheap in a way that more traditional animation could never do, even if the show is set in the most outlandish world imaginable.

Infini-T Force is a fun, nostalgic romp accessible to anyone who enjoys heroes battling villains in grand, dramatic fashion. It’s at the perfect cross-section of classic anime, live-action henshin heroes, science-fiction, and high-flying action to sate the appetites of many a fan.

Stream the first two episodes for free on TubiTV.