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Well, I haven’t hidden my disdain for this year’s Kamen Rider toy gimmick very well, but these figures are everything the BCR line should have been and more! I present to you all the SODO line of figures for Kamen Rider Build. Wave 1 contains 3 figures, 2 Best Matches (Rabbit/Tank and Gorilla/Mond) and 1 Trial form (Harinezumi/Soujiki). All of these figures are great, they’re show accurate, they articulate beautifully and they can swap around like the show and maintain all the great articulation. The only potential downside (completely dependent on the individual) is the use of stickers, tho if you watch the video to the end you’ll see I’ve provided a solid solution to your potential sticker pealing nightmares. At the end of the day this line is cheaper than 1 BCR figure, articulates better, and this line keeps better pace with the show’s forms. There is almost no reason to buy the BCR figures this year while the SODO line is out here absolutely crushing it.

For this and other Kamen Rider and Tokusatsu merchandise, check out CSToys and BigBadToyStore.