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The war for the Iron Throne just got a little more epic, with this fun opening credits sequence from French Youtuber Malec. Inspired by the wildly popular fantasy drama series Game of Thrones, this interprets the battle to save Westeros, and the many dramatic turns it takes, in a fashion only Japanese animation can deliver. Or at least something like it. Check out the fan-made opening credits sequence here, but newcomers be warned. There be spoilers in these waters.

I love that the music, while evoking the typical sound of classic anime openers, also adopts the style of the actual Game of Thrones theme, one of the most iconic of its kind. Interspersing Japanese lyrics with seemingly random English adds the perfect touch. Particularly the phrase “sex is free” just as we see two particularly important characters fighting side-by-side. I can only assume that this is the Season 7 credits sequence, as many of the images come straight out of the insane battles toward the end, featuring hordes of White Walkers, the Night King, enormous dragons, and the Three-Eyed Raven emotionlessly watching it all.

See, now I want this anime to be real.

Until that happens, we can keep up with Game of Thrones via the fine folks at HBO.