Green Ranger Michael Taber Opens Up About Controversial Tweet – Henshin Justice Unlimited

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At this year’s recent Sac-Anime convention, actor Michael Taber elaborated on a story that began in early August, when a message was posted to Twitter concerning his time as part of the cast of Power Rangers Dino Charge. The 2015 incarnation of the popular Power Rangers franchise saw a new group of young adults brought from the US to film in bucolic New Zealand – a dream come true, many aspiring actors might tell you. But, according to Taber’s unexpected social media outburst, the scenery was not always reflective of the experience.

Far from the first time an actor from the long-running action/adventure series has expressed discontent after the lights came down, the Power Rangers brand has experienced minor controversies since its early stages. Talent leaving the project under uncertain circumstances, reportedly unusual schedules and working conditions, and fewer incentives than what could be considered the industry standard at the time. Taber briefly alludes to this in his August 4 tweet.

As analytical Green Ranger Riley Griffin, Taber was the focused, educated member of his super-team. Meanwhile, Taber’s real-life education suffered from his extended stay abroad, and while he described his time there as a “solid experience”, he confesses that acting was not his true passion, and feels it has held him back.

While some may find this short explanation disappointing, perhaps speculating that there is more to the story than has been shared after the seemingly unplanned proclamation of regret kicked up a flurry of debate among fans, broader thoughts begin to emerge. About the health, safety, and security of talent while working on a franchise of such amazing tenure.

We don’t care to pick apart whether the story described is as dramatic as some may have taken it to be, but we can add it to a growing list of other accounts over the years. And while every long-running production will encounter problems, we’ll continue to encourage faithful, healthy treatment of those who contribute valued time and effort to making this show the lasting success it continues to be.