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The Power Rangers launch into the world of tabetop RPGs with the new Power Rangers Hyperforce. This new role-playing experience comes to us from Hyper RPG on the Twitch streaming platform, featuring a gaggle of geek-centric talents that many will recognize from both within and without the growing Ranger community.

Den of Geek provides a synopsis:

Power Rangers Hyperforce is set in the year 3016 at Time Force Academy. A team of Time Force Ranger cadets must band together to defeat an ancient evil who is set on unraveling the very fabric of the universe. Under the leadership of their mentor, Jen Scotts, and with the show’s Game Master, Malika Lim, the newly minted Rangers will cross both time and space to complete their mission while running into many familiar eras (and faces) along the way.

And here’s our illustrious cast:

Peter Sudarso (Blue Ranger Preston, Power Rangers Ninja Steel)
Andre “Black Nerd Comedy” (Power Rangers Superfan, content creator)
Meghan Camarena (social media personality, Strawburry17)
Paulie Schrier (Bulk, Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and much more)
Cristina Vee (actress, social media personality)

Erin Cahill is set as the first of many guest apperances across the series, reprising her role as Jen the Pink Ranger from Power Rangers Time Force. As Jen is a personal favorite of mine, this news certainly sweetens the deal.

In the build-up to the Power Rangers film that hit theaters in early 2017, Twitch offered viewers a marathon of the entire franchise catalogue. With its impressive performance, the creation of an all-new streaming event seems like a no-brainer.

Via Hyper RPG’s Twitch Extension, one may select a Ranger permanently linked to a personalized user ID. Participants can send this character through daily missions, boss battles, and raids, as well as trade items with other players. Together, we are more?

The new show will have its live premiere this October 24, from 6-9 PM PT, with 25 total episodes planned as of this time, each offering an interactive, tabletop role-playing experience.