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In 1983, a group of five heroic inventors united against the evil Jashinka Empire in Kagaku Sentai Dynaman. Three years later, their harrowing adventures were broadcast for American audiences as part of the USA network’s Night Flight block. Simply titled Dynaman, this was a parody series capitalizing on the apparent B-movie aesthetic and playing up the silliest aspects of the show. A precursor to 1993’s Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, this was among the first times Super Sentai would be viewed by American masses, albeit in an altered form. My, how things have changed. But if you want a taste of what it was like for potential tokusatsu fans back in the day, Dynaman is now available to watch online.

Courtesy of Night Flight Plus, the Dynaman dub is viewable now, with three episodes. Curiously, only the first, second, and fourth episode of the series have been released for streaming so far, and watching them through this service requires a sign-up that comes with a monthly $3.33 price tag.

Night Flight’s synopsis for the pilot episode (mistakes and all) is as follows:

It’s time for the pilot episode of Dynaman! Five good-looking Japanese friends from all walks of life: Wooshi, their leader, is Dynared! Huba, able to reach tall trees, is Dynablack! Franky, the human outboard motor, is Dynablue! Cowboy, the slow-thinking weapons expert, is… Dynayellow! Franky, the human outboard motor, is Dynablue! and their main squeeze, Slojin is Dynapink!

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