2017 has been a banner year for the Power Rangers brand. With a line of successful comics from Boom! Studios, a new web-based RPG series debuting this week, the television branch still trucking after all these years, and a whole slew of merchandise waiting to be scooped up by Ranger fans young and old, the franchise would appear to be firing on all cylinders. Unless, of course, you have a glance at Saban’s Power Rangers, the Lionsgate film that released in theaters earlier this year to mixed reactions. While many of us loved the Rangers’ latest cinematic offering, there may be some who see this particular branch of the franchise as one that can be cut off at the base.

Trademarkia lists the logo for Saban’s Power Rangers as abandoned by original owners SCG Power Rangers LLC. Which would lead many to believe that Saban Brands and its affiliates have lost interest in pursuing future installments in what was hoped to be a Power Rangers film series, spanning multiple sequels, serving as a platform for more games, comics, clothing, and other merchandise for years to come.

All that may be lost if some speculation about this situation proves correct. But there’s an alternative theory, posited with a bit more optimism, however farfetched some may think it. The theory being that the existing film logo will be left behind merely so that it can be replaced by a new redesign. A fresh take for whatever form the Lionsgate property takes next, whether that be a direct sequel to the 2017 movie or something else.

We’d like nothing more than for this to be the case. For it to join the likes of longshot second-timer Pacific Rim: Uprising and pull a sequel out of the fires of oblivion against stacked odds and return us to a wondrous universe of mystery, friendship, and excitement. It certainly proved to be the best, most dynamic live-action Power Rangers project this year, by a landslide. It will be a crying shame if the journey ended within the same footsteps that it began.

In the meantime, this logo can still currently be found on toys and a gamut of other related products, the phasing out of which won’t happen overnight, if at all. And the franchise has been pushing forward with so many other business opportunities that some fans may have almost forgotten that there even was a movie mere months ago. The TV series, the comic series, the mobile game, and the various toys that marry all three continue to proliferate. The Power is still on for the Rangers. Though it may burn too dimly where it counts most for some.