Ichi City has been set upon by an army of colossal monsters of devastating power. Crawling out of every nook and cranny, from the many different sci-fi, fantasy, and action franchises of Japan, both live-action and animated, comes a fierce wave of kaiju hoping to make dinner out of the denizens of this Japanese metropolis. And while there may be a heroic figure from the Ultraman, Godzilla, Gamera, Evangelion, or Patlabor universes popping up to stand in their way, it’s up to the ordinary inhabitants of this fated city to make it out alive. It’s the City Shrouded in Shadow

The latest entry in the long-running Disaster Report video game series, City Shrouded in Shadow offers an epic crossover experience for any tokusatsu and anime fan. Putting you right in the middle of those crowded attack sequences, where terrified citizens are herded away as monsters and robots lay waste to their home, threatening to destroy anyone who doesn’t have the good sense to make like a tree. What makes this so exciting is that these aren’t just generic creations that any game could dream up, but recognizable monsters from famous shows and movies, all converging in ways fans could seldom have expected.

Godzilla and Gamera can share the same space, while a giant robot from Neon Genesis Evangelion takes aim. The heroic Ultraman Taro can fly overhead as you run from the jaws of the dreaded King Ghidorah. But while the game promises appearances of iconic characters, both valiant and villainous, the goal of any good disaster story is survival. You’re running for dear life as the world around you comes apart, piece by piece. And aren’t you glad you got stuck in the kaiju disaster flick rather than a Geostorm, eh? At least you can watch Ultraman Tiga fire a death-beam at invading aliens before you check out.

Since its announcement, western fans have been salivating over the prospect of getting their hands on this unique crossover title, the demand only growing since the game’s recent release in its home market of Japan. Some hoped there might be a formal western release, with English translations, even starting petitions to achieve such an end, but we have yet to hear word of it happening. For now, this remains, like the fun concept that brought this game into reality, the stuff of dreams.

City Shrouded in Shadow is available now in its native Japanese for the Playstation 4.