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Here’s what’s happening on the next episode of Ultraman Geed, Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger, and Kamen Rider Build.

Ultraman Geed Episode 18: The One Who Inherits Dreams!

After being defeated in single combat by Riku, Belial falls as Fukuide Kei starts to lose his ego. Suddenly, the 3-Headed Kaiju Dada appears and tries to eliminate him! Ultraman Zero will fight to protect the city from the threat of Dada’s rampage! Before, Fukuide Kei was always shrouded in an alluring aura of dangerous mystery, but now he isn’t as strong as he was before. A woman named Arie tries to ask him several questions, but Kei won’t remember a thing. Just when the battle between Zero and Dada reaches it’s highest point, Dada suddenly target’s Kei!


Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Space 37: Lucky’s Reunion with His Father!

NO KYURANGER NEXT WEEK! The Kyurangers, who helped to prevent the crisis on Planet Luth, Lucky’s homeworld, set out to investigate Planet Kahyn, Lucky’s birthplace. Their mission is to investigate the truth behind Lucky’s father, King Aslan. The truth is revealed through the words of his own grandfather: “King Aslan is alive, however, he has joined with Jark Matter and is subjugating the people.” Lucky refuses to believe his grandfather’s words. His father, who gave him Caesar when he was little, who told him to rely on his own luck when times got tough. Lucky’s father, King Aslan, would never do such a thing! Is his grandfather right? Lucky witnesses the truth with his own eyes. Determined, Lucky sets out towards the square where King Aslan spoke. He cannot believe his eyes…


Kamen Rider Build Episode 10: Technology of Destruction!

NO KAMEN RIDER BUILD NEXT WEEK! A tremendous strategy is underway at the Touto Institute of Advanced Matter Physics, where betrayal of scientists from within the organization begin to resurge! It’s Faust’s plan to steal the Pandora Box! The strategy is lead by BloodStark under the orders of Himuro Gentoku, the Assistant Prime Minister of Touto, as well as the leader of Faust as NightRogue. Ryuga receives the call from Sento who heads out towards the laboratory, just when a Smash suddenly appears! Meanwhile, the words that were found behind in the laboratory struck deep within Sento: “Katsuragi Takumi is alive…” The assassin is still unidentified, however, Sento sets his focus on BloodStark for attempting to steal the Pandora Box…