The Kamen Rider Build TV series opener gets an english-language remix, in this new cover song from Youtuber mynameissport. Infusing with it all the passion of young genius Kiryu Sento and his fugitive ally Banjou Ryuuga as they battle the shadow organization known as Faust, to protect a divided nation from its deadly intentions. Let’s check it out.

Over the past several months, mynameissport has put out a number of translated cover songs from various geek-centered properties, all of the animated variety. Past works include pieces from the Mobile Suit Gundam, Sailor Moon Crystal, and MegaMan/Rockman franchises.

“Be The One”, originally performed by PANDORA and Beverly, marks the channel’s first offering for a live-action special effects drama such as Kamen Rider.

Taking a unique approach by turning the tone down a notch, transforming it into a ballad, the performers set an interesting mood for what is normally such an intense piece.

Another reason to love this fandom, finding new and interesting ways to explore the universes our heroes inhabit through different creative outlets.

Just close your eyes and think of Touto.


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