Tsuburaya Productions is cooking up something old, something new, something borrowed, and something red this year, as first word of a brand new Redman comic project has just dropped. Originally broadcast in 1973 and produced by Tsuburaya of the wildly popular, ongoing Ultraman television and film franchise, Redman was an alien refugee from a doomed world whose spirit merged with human SIA Officer Sokomizu to continue the fight against those who destroyed his home. Now, the battle rages once more in this new title, presented to us through the prestigious lens of Godzilla comic artist Matt Frank.

Having worked for years in the world of comics, Matt Frank has touched many beloved brands, including Transformers and Wrath of the Titans, adding his gloriously epic touch to many fantasy worlds full of big, strange, and exciting wonders.

Word of this new title comes from Frank himself, in a Twitter post that came with a rather tantalizing new image.

Holy frijole!

Those unfamiliar with Redman but more inclined toward his giant, kaiju-fighting cousins in the Ultra Series may recognize a few of the monsters featured within this stunning silhouette of the title hero. This is likely because Redman was known for taking on enemies first seen in other special effects productions, including extradimensional defender Mirrorman and, as stated, the silver savior Ultraman. Does this image suggest that we’ll see a return of some of Redman’s classic foes? Which, by extension, means that fans may get to see Matt Frank’s superstar take on a few famous kaiju from Redman’s more well-known counterpart titles.

Whatever the case, this sounds like an exciting new chapter for Tsuburaya and Matt Frank, resurrecting another beloved hero from the void to fight another day. After witnessing his exploits on Tsuburaya’s official Youtube channel, Redman fans new and old have a chance to catch up with the iconic, yellow-eyed superhero in what we can be assured is a striking vision of the character.

And who’s to say that we have to stop there? Is the aforementioned Mirrorman next on the list for a modern revival? Will Redman’s journey end with this title, or is it just the start of his latest heroic campaign? We’ll have to stay tuned to see just how far this goes but I, for one, can’t wait to find out.

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