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Here’s what’s happening on the next episode of Ultraman Geed.

Episode 19: Stolen Nebula House

Fukuide Kei, who has prepared to sacrifice himself in order to kill Ultraman Geed, badly infiltrates the Nebula House, alone! Erasing Rem’s main program, the Nebula House is now under the control of Fukuide Kei! But thanks to Rem’s teleportation system, she was able to teleport Riku and the others out of the Nebula House. But just outside, they encounter a mysterious woman, who tells them: “I am Rem.” Rem had transferred her consciousness into an android body she was secretly creating, and stands before Riku and the others now. Rick and the others are relieved to see Rem is alive, but as they head back towards the Nebula House, an unexpected enemy appears before them…