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Looks like Kamen Rider Den-O‘s not the only one who starts on a climax. The toy lords of Premium Bandai have gifted us a mighty prize in this new, prestigious depiction of the towering lizard from 2016’s smash hit Shin Godzilla, as shown in the exciting final act of the film. In which, the famous King of Monsters is seen firing his atomic beam, for this film given a distinct, purple glow, with an unnerving, elongated jaw. Check him out.

Comparing the size of this item with the previously released Movie Monster Series Godzilla, Kaiju-Oh reaches nearly 11 inches in height, almost twice the size of the figure from its sister line.

Wreaking giant-sized havoc in March 2018, the Kaiju-Oh 2016 Godzilla Climax Ver. is available now for pre-order and is priced at 7,560 yen.