In Ultraman Fusion Fight, the towering monsters of the Ultra Series multiverse and the giant heroes who defend against them are swept up in a battle for supremacy. As modern Ultraman features characters whose strange and varied forms are combined and manipulated into new “fusions”, this arcade-style Carddass game capitalizes on that feature to the Nth degree, constantly updating with newer and more bizarre meldings of popular figures from their decades-spanning franchise. Including those of 2017’s Ultraman Geed and 2016’s Ultraman Orb.

If the name Carddass makes you think of aliens from Star Trek rather than the mechanics of the game, fret not. As far back as 1988, toy behemoth Bandai has consistently released new DataCarddass collectible trading cards, based upon many well-known properties such as Dragonball, Saint Seiya, Digimon, and Sailor Moon, to name a few.

Carddass is responsible for the Ranger Strike line that took the Super Sentai and Power Rangers fandom by storm a few years back, not to mention their sister-series of the Kamen Rider franchise.

On Ultraman’s side of the fence, a game system was created to allow people to purchase cards representing their favorite characters but to use them in a combat game right there at the console. It sports a system by which players can summon various heroic or villainous personalities from Ultra history and fuse them together, to create a new combo version of the two, capable of special feats only achieved by that unique pairing.

Many of us won’t get the chance to play the game up close, but there’s no harm in taking a peak of what it has to offer.

The latest fusions to be added to the ever-changing game have small introductory videos, presented by Tsuburaya Productions and hosted by Ultraman Geed’s alien pal Pega. The game has evolved to accept more than just cards as playable devices among the franchise’s many collectibles. In this case, Geed’s signature totems, the Ultra Capsules.

First is Ultraman Geed Le-over Fist, a combination of Ultraman Leo and his younger brother Astra. And considering the upcoming televised release of Leo’s TV series, the timing of this new form couldn’t be more perfect.

Next is Strong Gomorant, the kaiju combination of two classic monsters, Tyrant and Gomora, both found in multiple series over the years. Gomora often being portrayed in a more heroic light, while Tyrant itself is already technically a combination of several monsters.

Last but not least is Ultraman Geed Fire Leader. The past meets the present as Fire Leader is made from the Heisei Era’s Ultraman Mebius and the old school Show Era’s Zoffy. Another hero to add to the growing list of those whose form is split down the middle between two opposing halves, such as the title hero of Kamen Rider Build or GokaiChristmas of Kaizoku Sentai Gokaiger.

For those within their vicinity, Ultraman Fusion Fight is 100 yen to play. For the rest of us, Ultraman Geed continues to release weekly episodes on Crunchyroll.


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