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Update: Bandai Namco has released the trailer with official English-language subtitles. It can be found below. Our original post follows.

It’s climaxes all around, as Kamen Rider Climax Fighters gets an extended trailer detailing many of the action game’s play mechanics, special features, and character dynamics. Based upon the extensive Kamen Rider superhero franchise, in which cyborgs, revived murder victims, and video game-addicted doctors to name a few, suit up to battle monsters bent upon terrorizing the innocent. This time, the heroes are facing each other, in an all-out brawl of epic proportions. And it’s not just the lead heroes of each annual series that have shown up to the party. A host of Secondary Riders is signing up to join the action.

Among this colorful crew of super-powered monster fighters are the rivals and allies whose names don’t appear in the title of any TV series but, for some of us, are just as important as their more famous brothers and sisters in arms. There’s Beast from Kamen Rider Wizard, Birth from Kamen Rider OOO, Meteor from Kamen Rider Fourze, Baron from Kamen Rider Gaim, Brave from Kamen Rider Ex-Aid, Mach from Kamen Rider Drive, Specter from Kamen Rider Ghost, and Accel from Kamen Rider W.

In addition to spotlighting these often unsung heroes, the six-minute video shows off your ability to switch between the Riders’ multiple forms in mid-battle, to perform a multitude of varied special attacks and feats, while looking damn good doing it.

As previously reported, this game will feature a release with Japanese audio and English subtitles.

Kamen Rider Climax Fighters drops December 7, 2017 for the Playstation 4.


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