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With any gimmick-heavy Kamen Rider series comes the “Legend Rider” merchandise. Basically, this means the fans can get a taste of some of the older Kamen Riders in their new driver toy. Kamen Rider Build, however, does something very clever with its Legend Rider gimmick that very few seasons can match. Here we have the Ex-aid Full Bottle set and the W Full Bottle set. Ex-Aid is broken up in to the DX Doctor Full Bottle and the DX Game Full Bottle, while W is broken up into the DX Tantei (Detective) and DX USB Memory Full Bottles. This is awesome as it both encapsulates the core of Build’s gimmick, being organic and inorganic objects coming together, and the main themes of the individual series. Overall, these are great for any Kamen Rider Ex-Aid or Kamen Rider W fans. It’s great to reminisce and hear old henshin jingles in a new, fun way.

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