Classic hero Redman continues his march toward revival in the new comic series courtesy of Tsuburaya Productions and Godzilla comic superstar Matt Frank. And a new preview of the action within its pages has dropped, giving us a glimpse into what lies ahead for the yellow-eyed monster-fighter.

As mentioned earlier this month, Redman was a live-action special effects series in which the SIA Officer Sokomizu merges with the spirit of an alien refugee to become the armor-clad warrior who defends Earth from all manner of otherworldly beast. He returns to us from the vault of lost heroes, opened once again by Ultraman creators Tsuburaya Productions.

The new sequential art piece comes from Frank’s Tumblr page, featuring one of the tokusatsu hero’s famous catchphrases.

Redman is seen tangling with the classic monster Arstron, first seen in the 1971 series Return of Ultraman, since then making over a dozen appearances in the Ultra Series canon alone (including the current Ultraman Geed), but the kaiju proved an ongoing enemy for Redman as well, racking up quite a few battles before its final brawl against its transforming nemesis.

We look forward to more from this exciting new story as it develops.


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