Ultraman‘s Color Timer is blinking out! The long-running monster-fighting superhero franchise has seen action in just about every entertainment medium his enormous, red-and-silver frame could fly through, not excluding animation, live-action, television, film, and comics. Now, Tsuburaya Productions is prepping its salivating worldwide fanbase for a new announcement, and the otaku are all a-Twitter with speculation about what this might be.

The official announcement will come to us courtesy of the current manga series by Shimizu Eiichi and Shimoguchi Tomohiro, a sequel to the first transforming hero story in the Ultra Series, simply titled Ultraman.

And, to make sure no Ultra fan could possibly forget this occasion, a handy website has begun a countdown to the exact time that this mysterious announcement will drop, this Friday December 1, 2017.

What could we be counting down to? A new animated series perhaps? If so, would it be an adaptation of the manga this announcement will be made in, or is that merely being used as a nice promotional tool for the print series, only to drop the bomb that something wholly different is being unveiled?

Is it a new live-action film? We know that Tsuburaya has already begun gearing up for the movie sequel to the current series, Ultraman Geed, but there’s nothing stopping them from releasing a second theatrical piece in 2018. Could it be a home video or television special? Or is this the official first word on next year’s annual TV series to take Geed’s place as 2018’s original Ultra Series? We know Geed’s time slot for the immediate future has already been filled after its final episode airs, but word has yet to travel about what comes to us beyond that.

Whatever the news, we can’t wait to hear what Tsuburaya cooks up next.

The Ultraman manga series is available through Shogakukan in Japan and Viz Media in the US.


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