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In 1993, the kaiju wranglers of Tsuburaya Productions devised a fresh series while on a break from their illustrious Ultraman franchise. This new show would see the birth of a digitized superhero who faced “giant monsters” in a computer-generated landscape to save the world from unseen threats. Many know him as Gridman: The Hyper Agent, but if you were an American viewer in the early 1990s, you might have first come into contact with this bane of electronic monsters in the form of the US adaptation, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad. Now, with the help of the fine folks at the TOKU network, you’ll get a chance to sample Gridman’s original adventures on US television.

As previously reported, TOKU is Olympusat Inc.’s television station dedicated to esoteric, cult material in the anime, tokusatsu, and fantasy entertainment genres. They recently began airing Tsuburaya’s Ultraman Leo as part of their swelling line-up of live-action special effects titles. Now it’s time for the Ultra family’s distant cousin to crash the family reunion.

A glimpse of the towering monster-masher can be seen in TOKU’s promo for upcoming events.

The toku fandom has gone a bit Gridman-happy lately, as the original series gets a Japanese Blu-ray release this December, and a new anime series from Studio Trigger based on the property is also in the works, an action-packed primer for which dazzled fans last year, setting the tone for some exciting things to come.

Gridman premieres on TOKU December 18, 2017 at 7PM ET.


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