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Kamen Rider Build‘s BCR toy line is pretty bad. Honestly, I bowed out after the first figure in favor of the SODO line, but Bandai is smarter than that. How do they get you to purchase an accessory for your crappy BCR figures? Well, include an exclusive Full Bottle, of course! Darn you, Bandai.

Anyway, here we have the DX Build Phone and Lion Full Bottle. The phone itself is bad, but accurate. The phone in the show is a cluttered mess and this one is too, so I guess I can’t use that against the toy. By pressing the “call” button you can get various lines of dialogue from lead character Sento. Not much more to say about the phone mode, it’s a phone. Transformation is simple enough and kinda show-accurate. It folds out like it does in the show but obviously the model in the show is replaced by a real bike with actual bike proportions, the toy however is stuck with the deformed proportions. So bike mode’s pretty ugly and the BCR figure looks super awkward on it, but hey, we get motorcycle noises now. At the end of the day, this toy is only worth it for either BCR fans or Full Bottle completionists since the Lion Bottle can’t (currently) be purchased anywhere else. Aside from that, save your money for a better toy. Might I suggest the Pandora Panel?

Now this is a good pick-up! The DX Pandora Panel is a great display piece for your Full Bottles, honestly I might buy more before the series ends. It holds a total of 10 Full Bottles for a total of 5 Best Matches. The panel itself doesn’t actually do anything. In the show, it can detect Best Matches but here it’s just a hunk of plastic- beautifully detailed, green plastic. It also comes with a locking mechanism, so your Full Bottles are perfectly secure, and a handle for easy transport.  There’s not much more to say about the toy except that it comes with an exclusive Full Bottle (like the Build Phone). This time, we get the Shoubousha Bottle. Overall, this is a must-own for Build fans and Full Bottle collectors. The price is fantastic and a new Bottle never hurt anyone. I can’t recommend this toy enough.

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