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Kamen Rider Build is winding down its Full Bottle toy gimmick in favor of other objects to be placed inside the Build Driver item, but before we move on from Full Bottles, we have a few more forms left. This one is KaizokuRessha, a combination of Kaizoku (pirate) and Densha (train). This is another solid set of Full Bottles. By now, you know what to expect with this gimmick, so you’re either in or out, at this point.

Build’s last 1st quarter weapon is the Kaizoku Hassher, to go along with the KaizokuRessha form. This toy, like most others in the line, is underwhelming. It’s cheap enough though, so the toy doesn’t feel like a waste of money, but it’s definitely not for most collectors. You get 6 basic sound effects with this toy. A blunt melee sound, a shot-firing sound and the last 4 are a slow build to more and more powerful blast attacks. Simple, yet effective. Once again, there are much better ways to spend $30 but hardcore Build fans or hardcore KaizokuRessha fans will most likely be happy with it.

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