The monster menagerie at Tsuburaya Productions is on a roll this season, delivering one surprising announcement after another to the enraptured heart-eyed fans of their action/adventure titles. We got a tease for the new Ultraman anime coming in 2019, based upon the current manga series of the same name. We’re shaking and crying as we wait to get our hands on the new Redman comic, reviving the old school hero in a new medium. Both of these announcements surrounding the good news that Tsuburaya scored a major victory in its extensive legal battle over the international rights to some of their most beloved material. But wait, there’s more!

After rolling out a sweet Blu-ray release for their live-action special effects series Gridman: The Hyper Agent, they’ve at last released a brief teaser video for the new Gridman reimagining, after years of fans quietly wondering if it was even still happening. Well, fret not, gentle reader. The Gridman anime is very much alive, and will be launching into battle in the fall of next year.

Officially titled SSSS.Gridman (the first four letters undoubtedly a reference to the US adaptation, Superhuman Samurai Syber Squad), the series is a new take on the concept. The original Gridman fought digital “giant monsters” in a computer-generated landscape to save the world from threats often unseen. How much resemblance the upcoming animated tale will bear to that synopsis remains largely unknown, as of yet, and the teaser won’t provide too many clues for now. But we do get a nifty look at the hero in his battle suit, preceded by a look back on the Gridman franchise thus far.

From Studio Trigger, Amemiya Akira of Kill La Kill fame lends his directing talents from a story written by Hasegawa Keiichi, who some fans of the Ultra franchise may know from 1997’s Ultraman Dyna, 2007’s Ultra Galaxy Mega Monster Battle, and many others in the world of kaiju and transforming heroes.

SSSS.GRIDMAN airs in Autumn of 2018.


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