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Here’s what’s happening on the next episodes of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger and Kamen Rider Build.

Space 41: Rush! Planet Southern Cross!

Finally all the necessary Kyutama have been gathered together! The time has come for the Kyurangers to plunge into Planet Southern Cross, the Jark Matter homeworld! They Kyurangers use their 4 mechas at once to harness the power of each Kyutama in order to break through the barrier. once inside, the Kyurangers make their way towards the planet’s core, but first have to get past Hell’s Gate. Each of the 12 Kyurangers face individual life or death situations, however, Jark Matter is nowhere to be found. Suddenly, a new threat, a silent warrior wearing a mask enters the battlefield, and ruthlessly attacks one of the Kyurangers!

Episode 14: The False Kamen Rider!

BloodStark was the one who placed the murder crime on Banjo Ryuga! Sento was able to discover that the identity of BloodStark, is Isurugi Shouichi! As Shouichi escapes with the Full Bottles and the Pandora Box, Sento begins to remember the first time he ever encountered Shouichi… It was a rainy day, and the Kamen Rider was fighting against BloodStark…