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Kamen Rider Build goes 3 for 3 with its SODO toy line, hitting yet another home run. This set is the first one where I highly recommend getting a case, since you will need duplicates. This set consists of 3 and a half figures: Build LionShoubosha form, KeyDragon form, half of Cross-Z and Blood Stark (I still refuse to call him Stalk). Both Cross-Z and KeyDragon require Build’s Dragon half to be complete, so to have both figures proudly displayed in your collection, you’re gonna need 2 Dragon boxes. Luckily, cases come with 3, so you’ll even have an extra, just in case. All the figures are beautifully articulated and the stickers are fantastic. If you use my clear coat nail polish method as well, they’ll stay on nice and strong. So again, this is a must own for any Build fan.