Unleash your inner swordsman as you feast your eyes on this stunning faux trailer from writer/director/producer Okabe Junya of the Brave Storm super robot film. Those who are fans of Japan’s unique offerings from the tokusatsu subgenre, both classic and current, may have something to smile about as the cast cracks their knuckles for this action-packed short with a surprise guest we didn’t see coming.

Yamamoto Chihiro shows her prowess in the current Ultraman Geed TV series, as the sword-wielding badass Toba Laiha. Now, she fights for her life against a crew of vicious assassins. Meanwhile, the classic film hero Zatoichi is brought to life once more with the spellbinding performance of 1984’s Kamen Rider ZX himself, Sugata Shun. The blind swordsman faces off with several terrifying ninja adversaries before facing his toughest challenge yet.

Well, that was unexpected.

Affectionately called ZVP, the high-quality fanfilm reveals its most dangerous villain among a host of pretty vile bad guys as none other than the Predator. The creature from the film of the same name, who first stalked Arnold Schwarzenegger and his military pals through a dense jungle, picking them off one-by-one with his stealth technology and advanced weaponry. The Predator is an alien who often hunts formidable prey, and it looks like he’s set his laser-scoped sights on the famous blind swordsman Zatoichi! Not a bad match-up.

The ZVP movie hits theaters never. But the next legit film in the Predator franchise, titled simply The Predator, comes courtesy of writer/director Shane Black and is set for release August 3, 2018.


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