There’ll be plenty of holiday cheer in the M-78 Nebula as Ultraman Taro, the sixth in the long-lasting Ultra Series, makes its way to Blu-ray this season. Relive all the classic monster-fighting action, or experience it for the first time, as Higashi Kotaro joins the cosmic Ultra Brothers in their neverending battle to protect the innocent from the vile menace of giant monsters plaguing the Earth.

The 1973 series was the tenth anniversary work of Tsuburaya Productions, hoping to bring back a lighter touch to the Ultra canon after a somewhat dark tone had been taken with the previous title, Ultraman Ace. Sadly, this proved only to chase away adult viewers of the time, leading to the decidedly more mature Ultraman Leo the following year. Taro serves as a fascinating artifact of the era when observed through this lens, considering the many factors that producing this epic kaiju-centric saga entails.

A bold choice has been made with the creation of this new box set, hoping to duplicate the feel of having watched the series when it originally aired. Rather than completely upgrade the footage to modern standards, the set hopes merely to restore it to its original form, pulling from the analog prints to recreate the vibe of watching at home in the 70s.

With all 53 episodes on 8 discs, plus an extra disc with comments from the production and from the video restoration team, it is presented in “HD 2.0” format in its original Japanese.

Ultraman Taro’s Blu-ray Box lands December 22, 2017 and is priced at 49800 yen ($438.96 USD).


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