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Here’s what’s happening on the next episode of Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger.

Space 43: Lucky’s Promise on Holy Night!

Don Armage’s goal is to destroy the entire universe until nothing remains behind! This is why he was collecting the planesium from all those planets around the universe. There is not much time left. To prevent the explosion, the Kyurangers rush into the planetary core. Their goal is to set a black hole generator at the heart of the planet that absorbs the explosion. However, as they approach their target, King Aslan stands in their way. Lucky won’t hesitate anymore. Lucky and his allies will save King Aslan and the universe altogether! Trusting the success of his friends, Lucky confronts King Aslan! Meanwhile, Tsurugi confront Don Armage alone. Just then, Don Armage reveals the truth to him…