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Infini-T Force takes the next step in its continuing adventures, reintroducing a beloved character from the Science Ninja Team Gatchaman series, whose awesomeness can clearly only be contained by the sheer enormity of a movie theater screen.

Tatsunoko Productions’ television crossover event, combining the universes of four of their classic animated hero series into a single narrative, Infini-T Force has summoned up the lead characters of Gatchaman, Hurricane Polimar, Tekkaman, and Casshan, dropping them into a unified battle against evil, but until now, few of their former allies have been allowed more than a passing mention. Joe the Condor makes his triumphant return in 3D animated glory with the upcoming Infini-T Force: Farewell Gatchaman, My Friend. And with a title as ominous as that, there’s no telling what the storysmiths behind this project may have in store for our dimension-hopping protagonists.

Infini-T Force: Farewell Gatchaman, My Friend hits Japanese theaters February 24, 2018. As we await its arrival, you can catch up with the team’s TV exploits courtesy of Viz Media and TubiTV.


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