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Henshin Justice Unlimited is leveled up and ready to take on the new year with a vengeance. To that end, we’re opening up our gates for new contributors to join our ranks. Do you like what we do here and think you have something to add to our weekly stream of tokusatsu consciousness? If so, there’s never been a better time to show interest in the cause.

If you dig the topics we cover here, from the special effects action shows that are our specialty to the high-octane thrills found in the worlds of animation and gaming that fire our imagination, you may be one of us. Can you bring us the latest in tokusatsu news, between television and film, music and toys, and every pop cultural touchstone in-between? Can you express yourself in a fun, snappy way while also delivering the information the toku fandom needs, to know how best to get their geek on in 2018? Can you work with an editor and collaborate on how best to fly the flag like only Henshin Justice can?

If your answer is yes, hit us up at TeamHJU@gmail.com to let us know.

Tell us your name and a little bit about you. If you have any experience discussing the tokusatsu genre in an official or unofficial capacity (including but not limited to blogs, websites, even just conversing with friends online or writing reviews for message boards), we want to know. Experience is not always as important as enthusiasm here. What we want are people who can express their passion in a clear and entertaining way who are cool with being part of a group of likeminded fans, first and foremost. If you have a particular field of interest, whether it be merchandise, tech, or general news, or if you simply wish to help report the latest in any niche we cover here, tell us. The more informed we are, the easier it will be to decide how to integrate those who are the best fit for HJU.

Squad up. The Year of Justice begins now.