Love it or hate it, Power Rangers HyperForce continues its story on streaming behemoth Twitch, serving as its own unique storytelling platform with its cast of role-playing gamers, setting out on an imaginative quest through time and space to save the world in this Hyper RPG series you won’t find on television. And while the cast already includes two alumni from the Saban Brands TV franchise (Peter Sudarso of Power Rangers Ninja Steel, Paul Schrier of Mighty Morphin Power Rangers and more), along with a number of special guests, Hyperforce originally packed even more Ranger star power, in the form of Ciara Hanna. In 2013’s Power Rangers Megaforce, Hanna played Yellow Ranger Gia, the closest thing the recent era of the long-running franchise has to a Teenager with Attitude. But before Hanna could sign on the dotted line, something got in the way of her claiming the spot as Black Ranger Vesper in the tabletop game series.

ThatHashtagShow provides her comments about the role that got away:

“I was supposed to do [Power Rangers HyperForce] but I couldn’t. I was supposed to be a Ranger but I was filming in Kentucky so I had to deny it, but I’m hoping to be a guest star on it because it’s a really amazing project I think.”

After Hanna was forced to decline, the role of Vesper went instead to Cristina Vee, who provides her voice talents for the English-language dubs of many popular anime titles, including Sailor Moon, Hunter x Hunter, Madoka Magica and much more. She also brushed up against the Power Rangers universe when she hosted AnimeTV alongside Johnny Yong Bosh, who went from Mighty Morphin to Power Rangers Zeo, and more before his time as a spandex-clad superhero was done. Vee also succeeded voice actress and Power Rangers in Space star Patricia Ja Lee in the second season of ASOS Brigade.

Vesper has developed into quite the character in recent episodes of HyperForce, though we don’t blame anyone for finding the sometimes nearly three-hour running times and gameplay/story hybrid a bit daunting. Though I confess to only having a passing interest in shows of this nature, I can’t help but wonder what the landscape of the television franchise might look like if it had this sort of creative energy tending to it instead of what we’ve recently been offered.

In any case, despite Ciara Hanna’s loss, the role of the first female Black Ranger (whether one considers it in-continuity or not, we leave up to others to fight over) seems to have fallen into good hands. But fans of Hanna, who proved to be a bright spot in her TV season, may still have an appearance of her Megaforce character to look forward to, as the actress has expressed interest in dropping by the HyperForce set.

If so, she’ll join an esteemed group of original stars that so far has included Erin Cahill of Power Rangers Time Force, who shepherded Jen’s new Time Force recruits into their first adventure in HyperForce’s opening episode. Also, Karan Ashley, the second ever Yellow Power Ranger and castmember of the first Power Rangers movie stepped back into the spotlight as Aisha. And Mike Ginn held it down as the lovably manic super-twin Gem from Power Rangers RPM, who guest-starred just as startling secrets were revealed concerning Vesper.

Power Rangers HyperForce streams live every Tuesday at 6PM PT from HyperRPG.


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