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Ultraman Geed, the 29th incarnation of the long-running Ultra Series, has ended. And as we await Tsuburaya Productions’ next entry into the ongoing kaiju-fighting super-franchise, we thought it might be fun to take a look back on the 2017 story with a handy collection. We’ve amassed quite a lot of pictures from the giant hero series, after spending the last several months posting reviews, slowly recapping much of Team Geed’s adventures as they fought to protect their world from otherworldly threats. Here’s a sampling of the images we’ve been holding onto, most of which were never included in our many previous Ultraman Geed posts.

In the gulf between the start of this new year and the eventual announcement of the new series which will ultimately succeed Geed, we have the upcoming Geed movie to look forward to this Spring. In the meantime, Tsuburaya is taking Japanese viewers on a look back at the exploits of Geed’s predecessor, with Ultraman Orb: The Chronicle, soon to take over Geed’s place on television as we lead up to the franchise’s new hotness later this year.


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