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The Kamen Rider Build TV series is far from done with their collectible toys, the Full Bottles, but rounding it out at number 19 and 20, the last Full Bottles from Touto, we have Octopus and Light. This set is as solid as all the rest. If you like the past Bottles, you’ll like these. The sound effects are solid and if you’ve collected them all then these are a must for filling out your Pandora Panels.

Meanwhile, Build’s toy line releases its third Legend Rider set, Friendship & Medal. This set is designed with half the essence of Kamen Rider Fourze and half of Kamen Rider OOO. This makes it an odd choice come checkout. Unlike the past sets for Kamen Rider Ex-Aid and Kamen Rider W, this set requires the HawkGatling and RocketPanda sets as well to fully function (or Taka and Rocket Gashapon Bottles). On its own, this set is kinda pointless – you only get generic trial sounds, so it’s really not a good pick up on its own. Now, once it’s combined with the aforementioned sets, we get the classic OOO and Fourze henshin jingles. Sadly, there is still no special sounds for the finishers. Overall, this is a weird pick up. If you have Taka and Rocket AND like both Fourze and OOO then this set is for you. If you only like one Rider in this set and/or don’t already have the other half of the “Best Matches” then this set’s price tag goes up and up.

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