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Wedding bells are ringing for the dump truck-driving psychic superhero Nakamura Chise, as the actress announces this week that she has tied the knot. Nakamura starred as Natsuki aka BoukenYellow from the 2006 tokusatsu series GoGo Sentai Boukenger, where her quirky character stumbled into rescuing her teammates through many a strange and daunting adventure. Now, Nakamura embarks on her own kind of real-life adventure with her new beau, a non-industry man.

Word of the happy couple’s recent nuptials came from Nakamura’s personal blog, and the date they signed for the official family register has special significance. She and her husband-to-be originally found each other on a poker game app, and later met in person. Their January 1 registry date serves as a bit of an in-joke representing the strongest card hand in Texas Hold Em.

We wish Miss Nakamura and her new spouse good fortune as they take on their new life together with fiery Bouken Spirits in the years ahead.


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