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Kamen Rider Build‘s fourth entrance into the SODO toy line is probably its least exciting yet, though still not bad. Set 4 decides to drop the potential RabbitTank Sparkling figure (bumping it to set 5) in favor of Build’s bike……. Yay? This leave us with only 2 new Build forms: KaizokuRessha and OctopusLight. In fairness, none of these figures are bad, in fact KaizokuRessha is the most complicated to sticker so far, but the lack of a third form or Rider does leave the wave feeling a bit light for your money. Overall, despite it being Build’s weakest wave, it’s still miles away from being bad, by any means. All the figures here are solid and the bike, while not personally for me, is very good and show-accurate and looks great when ridden on by Kamen Riders Build or Cross-Z. This line continues to be a must own for Build fans.