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Do you like the Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger TV series? Do you like the SODO toy line? Well then this set… is still pretty terrible, I can’t recommend it at all.

Yudo is the Super Sentai franchise’s attempt at matching the success of Kamen Rider‘s SODO line, but with a fourth of the figures, half the quality and care, yet selling for the exact same price. Wave 1 (the first and last wave, at least for Kyuranger) consists of Shishi Red, Shishi Red Orion, and Hooh Soldier.

These figures are sculpted just fine and articulate well but my compliments end there. The plastic quality is absolute garbage and the figures have zero paint applications, in favor of a figure that needs to be 100% stickered up. The SODO line, for the same price, does half paint and half stickers, not to mention the better plastic quality. The result looks terrible. The stickers are either too big and can’t wrap around the figure well or too small and easily lost or just plain hard to place on the toy. Painting them isn’t a good option either since the cheap plastic doesn’t play nice with standard Gundam Markers (which are perfectly good for Kyuranger’s Candy toy/Mini Pla mecha line). Overall, this line was a cool idea, but a rushed mess. Even hardcore Kyuranger fans should just bide their time and save their money for the inevitable 5-inch Power Rangers figures when this series gets adapted. Fingers crossed that future waves will get better since Lupinranger and Patranger figures are already in the works.