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Dust off that good ol Playstation 3. Don’t turn off that Playstation 4 just yet. We’re locked, loaded, and taking to the skies in some of your favorite giant super robots from the Mobile Suit Gundam anime franchise. It’s the Gundam Versus video game series! We’ll be piloting mobile suits in Gundam Extreme Vs. Full Boost on the PS3, then lighting up the battlefield with laser rifles in Gundam Versus on PS4. From the Gundam Unicorn to the Zaku II, we’re launching into the fray with more mech action than you can shake a beam-sword at.

Gundam Extreme Vs was never actually localized in North America, but that didn’t stop our friends at Fighting Frogs Ultra  from showing us the exciting, fast-paced gameplay. Gundam Versus comes to us with a western localized version, making it easy for all Gundam fans and fighting game aficionados alike.

Let’s get started!


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