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Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger Episode 48 is titled “Echo in the Universe! Yosha, Lucky” directed by Takayuki Shibazaki & written by Nobuhiro Mouri. In this finale, the Kyurangers face their last battle with Don Armage to save the universe.

Don Armage had absorbed all the Planedium in the Universe and had obtained his Complete State. was able to possess the whole Universe by absorbing all the Planedium in the Universe and to get his Complete State. The Twelve Kyuranger fight him but their attacks was useless because he was possessing almost all the people in the Universe. They get thrown away. He himself was the Whole Universe. He was so happy that he begins to talk about his Birth & his True Motive. Kyuranger gets injured many times, they try to get in some lucky by fighting many times.

“We will Bring back the Universe!”


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