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Guess who’s back. Tell a friend. Those motley mutates with a penchant for separating limbs from bodies have returned for one final round, this time on the big screen. Kamen Rider Amazons, Toei Company’s online streaming series reviving the slightly more violent and risque trappings of a bygone era from the far-reaching Kamen Rider franchise, is making the jump from television to film. After two successful seasons releasing episodes on Amazon Prime Japan, the transforming, bike-riding warriors will have their last battle in movie theaters this year, and here’s a teaser to show them off in all their brooding glory.

Loosely basing some of its aesthetic trappings on the 1974 original Kamen Rider Amazon (hold the “S”), the modern series follows the exploits of a group of operatives tasked with exterminating the rash of strange monsters quickly spreading through society. Along the way, they encounter some subjects who may not be as worthy of extermination as first believed.

Producer Shirakura Shinichiro had this to say:

“Do you think the recent Kamen Riders are interesting? I don’t think so! I hope with Amazons the toothless Kamen Riders can get their fangs back.”

Well. A quote like that certainly paints a picture. Whether one agrees with the apparent sentiment of the statement, there’s no doubting that Amazons is hoping to attract some fans who may have lost touch with the franchise’s more colorful cousins, still holding it down on traditional television for the past 18 years straight. Whether they succeeded or not we leave up to you, gentle viewer. I, for one, am just glad that there is room enough for a diverse sampling of flavors in the land of rubber ass-kickery these days.

Kamen Rider Amazons: The Final Chapter hits Japanese theaters in Spring 2018.


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