Twenty episodes in and Kamen Rider Build, the latest in the ongoing Kamen Rider action/adventure franchise, has taken us by storm. To celebrate, we’re serving up a look-see at the world of the series through a collection of pretty pictures showcasing the heroes, the villains, and everything in-between as the ride stretches onward. In almost two dozen weeks worth of reviews, detailing the events of this standout series, we’ve amassed just a few images, most of which never made it into any post on our site, so why not take a gander at the goods, just for (rider) kicks.

Every Build review we’ve done is now linked with its successor, so you can fully catch up on the story while experiencing all the wild speculation, iffy spelling choices, and silly theories in airing order without having to hunt for them. Because you were totally gonna do that, right? Right!

If the show has accomplished all this in the relatively short amount of time it’s been part of our weekly viewing lives, there’s no telling the twists and revelations that will unfold in the proceeding episodes. I only know that I haven’t been this excited to find out such things in an age and a half.

Shake up that winning formula, Sento!


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