Grab your hoverboard and activate your self-lacing shoes. A manga adaptation of Back to the Future is on its way to reinvent our history one page at a time. The 1985 Robert Zemeckis classic about a teenager who travels back thirty years and meets his future parents only to potentially ruin the events that lead to his own birth, is being revived in comic form, as only Murata Yuusuke can depict. The manga artist’s biggest claim to fame is his highly celebrated series One-Punch Man, which itself has been adapted as an anime title of the same name.

News of this first came to us during a press event for the upcoming Ready Player One, directed by Steven Spielberg, who of course was heavily involved with the Back to the Future movie series through his company Amblin Entertainment. Any avid Spielberg fanatic will tell you that Amblin was instrumental in sparking the imaginations of moviegoers in the 80s with one hit after another, including the Back to the Future film trilogy, which itself spawned an animated series, a Universal Studios theme park attraction, and a number of video games.

The manga series offers content not found in the original film, and is supervised by Bob Gale, who penned the original screenplay. What’s interesting is that the art revealed so far features imagery that recalls scenes from not only the first film in the trilogy but from the two sequels. Whether this is merely an artistic flourish from an excited creator or an indication of more madness with Marty McFly and Doc Brown traipsing around the timestream to save their collective futures, we’ll have to keep a close eye to find out. There’s certainly no shortage of interesting material from which Murata can draw.

This is heavy.

The Back to the Future manga will first be released in successive updates by Kono Manga ga Sugoi before the first collected volume hits shelves on April 20, 2018. Official western release dates are sure to arrive long before then.


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