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The Time Force cadets-turned-heroes of Power Rangers HyperForce continue their stride across the Power Rangers timeline, scouring the expansive multiverse for clues that will save it from its latest threat in this Twitch streaming series. The tapletop RPG show keeps on trucking with more creative exploration of the mythology of this 25-season-long franchise.

Last time, Red Ranger Marv’s brother surfaced to mix it up with the team, portrayed by Yoshi Sudarso, known best to fans as Blue Ranger Koda from Power Rangers Dino Charge. In the aftermath of this event, the HyperForce crew draws nearer to uncovering the origins of the evil Alliance that lately has been making a bit of a mess. Check em out.

Power Rangers HyperForce streams live every Tuesday at 6PM PT from HyperRPG.


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