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The new power-up item introduced in the Kamen Rider Build TV series is the Hazard Trigger. This device allows Build to access his Hazard mode as well as utilize other forms later on down the line. The toy itself is pretty cool, turning already existing “Best Matches” into “Super Best Matches” and adding an awesome guitar effect, among others. This item is similar to the Cross Dragon or Rabbit Tank Sparkling in that it tries to make sounds in tandem with the Driver but it does not work well with the aforementioned items, only your basic Full Bottles. That being said, the henshin is the same despite the bottles used and the Hazard Trigger then offers the user 3 different attacks. The Hazard Attack by cranking the handle, the Overflow by pressing the button on the Hazard Trigger again, and finally, the Hazard Finish with another twist of the crank. Overall, this is a great addition to anyone’s Build collection whether or not you’ve been keeping up with Full Bottles.

Along with the DX Hazard Trigger, Kamen Rider Build has released 2 more Full Bottle sets from Hokuto: Smartphone/Wolf and Unicorn/Eraser. These are pretty standard Full Bottle releases, having the same pros and cons as all past sets. The only noteworthy thing about them is that, while Smartphone/Wolf has been seen in the show and in the webisodes, Unicorn/Eraser is our first set for a Ganbarizing exclusive form.


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