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After the tragic and unexpected passing of Tsuru Hiromi as the original Bulma, a new actress has been hired to succeed her as the blue-haired engineer in the action anime series Dragon Ball Super. Singer and actress Hisakawa Aya has a list of credits as long as a kamehameha wave, adding her voice talents to a plethora of well-known geek properties over the years, including the previous chapter in the DB saga, Dragon Ball Z.

Among her other works, she served as the voice of nerd queen Sailor Mercury in the original Pretty Guardian Sailor Moon, the sword-wielding Xianghua in the Soul Calibur video games, and the sweet-toothed lion guardian Cerberus in Cardcaptor Sakura.

Hisakawa has touched many other beloved properties in her long tenure, including Transformers, Oh My Goddess!, Detective Conan, Pretty Cure, Pokemon, Gundam, Beyblade, RahXephon, Ghost in the Shell, Dragon Quest, Space Battleship Yamato, and much more.

Of particular interest to us here at Henshin Justice Unlimited is her voice role as the villainous Madam Noir in Toei’s special-effects action series Ressha Sentai ToQger, dressed to the nines and ready to blow your face off.

Hisakawa is expected to play the character of Bulma for the remaining duration of Dragon Ball Super and beyond.


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