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SODO set 5 makes a huge comeback after the lackluster set 4 for the Kamen Rider Build series. We have the return to form with 3 full figures (4 if you count the re-release of Night Rogue but I already have him from set 2 so we’ll only be focusing on the new figures).

First up, we have PhoenixRobo and RabbitTank Sparkling. These guys are fairly standard figures, though that’s not a bad thing. Both have excellent detail, articulation, roughly the same amount of stickers, and they both maintain the body swap gimmick. Build’s Sparkling form only has one slight deviation from the norm, being a fully painted face that is also one solid piece unable to split up while the rest of him can.

Cross Charge, however, is a completely new type of figure to this line. Also split into 2 boxes, Cross Charge doesn’t have a “swapping” gimmick but an “armor up” one. His base body replicates the TV show model pretty well, before the jelly creates his shoulder pads, face and chest armor. All that armor comes desperately in box 2. The “armor up” gimmick is very fun and makes for an excellent figure, which is good since we’ll be seeing it again in wave 6 on Grease. Overall, this is another fantastic wave of SODO figures and it gets me really hyped for the next one.


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