I so want to make a Kamen Rider Hibiki joke right now, but nothing comes to mind. Alas.

Suda Masaki’s star has risen considerably since his stint as the quirky second part of the half-and-half super-detective in 2009’s Kamen Rider W. Leaping from one prestigious role in television and film to another, he’s grown more popular than his talent agency deems appropriate for him to return to cameo in the Kamen Rider franchise that many of us know him best from. But as he continues to further branch out in the entertainment world, he gears up to release his new album, including some previously-released tracks as well as new pieces exclusively for this debut album.

Here’s Suda singing “Scenery I’ve Never Seen Before” for a commercial celebrating Japanese national soccer.

Meanwhile, Yamazaki Taiki is the young buck on the scene, not about to be outdone by his senior. He starred as the emotionally-challenged alien hero Naga Rey, HebitsukaiSilver in Uchuu Sentai Kyuranger. If Naga could only see what his real-life counterpart were doing now, I imagine he’d… well, not smile, necessarily. Maybe he’d get angry at first before finally realizing that it’s the wrong emotion to be expressing at such an occasion and reshape his scowl into a smile.

Yamazaki is letting his passion explode in his new singles, released in two versions, Type A and Type B. Each contains the original tracks as well as their instrumentals. Here’s a sample of the two pieces.

Suda Masaki’s debut album Play. releases February 21, 2018 on digital. An additional DVD and t-shirt are also available for the March 21, 2018 hard CD release. Yamazaki Taiki’s Imagenerations single releases are available now.


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