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The Pink Ranger needs your help. Amy Jo Johnson, likely known to readers as high school hero Kimberly Hart from Mighty Morphin Power Rangers, is hoping to garner support for her new project The Has Been.

The Has Been follows an aging actress, Jordana, who, while currently down on her luck, starred in a popular children’s show “a couple decades ago.” In order for Jordana, played by Johnson, to pay her debts and maintain her lifestyle, she turns to touring the fandom convention scene.

In her pitch video, Johnson states, “Because my first job I ever had was that of a Power Ranger, I’ve discovered this whole wacky, awesome world of conventionhood.” However, with a smirk, Johnson assures us “it’s not about me.”

Johnson intends to wear multiple hats as actress, writer, director, and producer of the proposed digital series. She will be joined by actresses Allegra Fulton (The Shape of Water) and Jayne Eastwood (2004’s Dawn of the Dead).

Johnson is hoping that enthusiastic fans will spread the word to help The Has Been gather support, views, and the financial backing it needs to come to fruition. If you would like to see this project become a reality, be sure to share the pitch video!


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