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Welcome back to Super Hero Synopses, where we maintain records of all activities related to Japanese superheroes. This week is filled with investigations, as Sento tries to determine the secrets of Misora’s bangle, and the Global Police are trying to crack a string of missing person cases.

Which do you prefer – the lighthearted hijinks of Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, or the tragedy and tension of Kamen Rider Build? We’d love to hear your thoughts in the comment section below or anywhere else in the unlimited world of HJU.

Kamen Rider Build, Episode 25

“An Idol Awakens”

Following on from last week’s battle, Misora appears with her bracelet and eyes aglow. She raises her arm and summons a strong wind. At her command, a section of the Sky Wall parts and she blows Rogue and the Washio brothers through it before re-sealing the wall. Misora utters a single word, “Evolt”, before fainting. They return her to the cafe and put her to bed.

Sento meets up with Isurugi to ask him about his daughter’s bracelet. Isurugi claims to have no idea what the bracelet is. Instead he tips Sento off to the spy in Touto’s government and tells him about a group known as “Nanba Children”. Back at the cafe Sento is talking to Banjou and Kazumi about flushing out the spy in Touto when Misora wakes up. She doesn’t remember what happened to her but asks Sento if he will try to find out what is happening to her. Banjou goes to the Touto government office to talk to them about moving Pandora’s Box. He makes a point of reading the new location from a card when the Prime Minister’s aid asks him about it. The news filters back to Nanba Industries, where Jusaburo Nanba deploys the Washio brothers and Rogue to claim the box.

Sento is in his lab with Misora, analyzing the bangle. He manages to retrieve some footage that appears to be the destructive end of a Martian civilization. Misora tells him it’s what she sees whenever she purifies the bottles, and Sento speculates that it may be an AI trying to use her to stop the same events from happening on Earth. Misora is frightened by the power, so Sento reminds her that he will always protect her. At a secret location, Akaba and Kazumi are also having a heart to heart, deciding to bury Aoba and Kiba’s tags near the sky wall the following day. For now, Akaba will stay at this location, which is where Pandora’s Box has really been moved to.

The Riders are called to a Touta Engineering facility, which is one of the locations they had pretended that the box was being moved to. The Washio brothers enter the facility only to find Sento and Banjou waiting there for them. When Kazumi arrives, he tips the balance in the Riders’ favor and the Washio brothers retreat. The Riders then go to the Prime Minister’s office where they confront his aide, who confirms being one of the “Nanba Children” and the source of the information leak. He kills himself with a Bottle before he can be arrested, but reveals that Rogue is heading to the location where the box really is. The three Riders head straight to it’s location. Kazumi tries ringing Akaba but he doesn’t answer. Rogue has already arrived there and Akaba is fighting to delay him.

The Riders get there just in time to witness Rogue defeat Akaba and Kazumi loses the last of his three friends. Kazumi delivers a eulogy for his lost friend and the three Riders transform to protect Pandora’s Box from Rogue. Misora shows up during the battle, becoming a target for Rogue and forcing the others, particularly Banjou, to protect her too. Build uses the Hazard Tigger and with its power he is able to at least knock Rogue back. However, he loses control and Rogue is able to redirect his rampage towards Grease instead. Rogue defeats Cross-Z and takes makes his escape with Pandora’s Box. A rampaging Build defeats Grease, and as Misora is the last person standing he slowly approaches her. As he lifts her up by the throat and seems certain to kill her, Misora’s bracelet begins to shine again…

Is a single AI really all that remains of the Martian civilization? Will there be even more character deaths? Who else could be one of the “Nanba Children”? We’d love to hear your theories in our forum or on our Facebook page.

Kaito Sentai Lupinranger VS Keisatsu Sentai Patranger, Episode 04

“An Unacceptable Relationship”

The Patrangers head to the house of a young woman who is the latest in a number of mysterious disappearances. They interview the girl’s parents and examine her bedroom, where she was last seen. Tsukasa (Patran #3) can’t help but be distracted by something she has seen in the room. On the way back to the station, Tsukasa is startled by something she sees out of the window of their patrol car and Sakuya (Patran #2) immediately brings the car to a halt. Tsukasa had spotted a man selling stuffed shark toys exactly like one she had earlier spotted in the victim’s room. The Patrangers show the vendor a photo of the girl and ask if he has seen her. Their interview is interrupted by the Lupinrangers, who force the vendor to reveal that he is really the Gangler, Loveroom Jaws, and attack him. The Patrangers transform and join in the battle, surmising that Loveroom must be responsible for the disappearances. Patran #3 points out that they can’t destroy him as they don’t know where the victims have been taken to. Both teams pause in their attacks and Loveroom takes this opportunity to teleport away. The Lupinrangers head to leave, but Yellow pauses and tells Patran #3 that the piece of the Lupin Collection that Loveroom has allows him to change things into decorations. Meanwhile at the Gangler hideout, Goshu is appealing to Dogranio to purchase some of Loveroom’s “stock” of humans for her experiments.

Back at their bistro, the male Lupinrangers want to know why Umika (LupinYellow) shared their intel with the police. She points out that they know what it’s like to lose a loved one, which the others accept. The Patrangers are searching the crime scenes of the disappearances again, this time specifically looking for the stuffed sharks that Loveroom had been selling. They bring the sharks back to the precinct for analysis, but they appear to just be ordinary toys. Commander Hilltop and Jim Carter take a break, leaving Tsukasa alone with the toy. It seems she just can’t resist it’s cuteness and she gives it a hug. The shark drops to the floor and Tsukasa has also disappeared. She reappears in a cold cave with the exit blocked off by bars. All of the missing people are here. She has her VS Changer with her, so she blasts the lock and leads them out to safety. Before she can leave, Loveroom attacks her, knocking her VS Changer out of her hand. It seems as if he has managed to subdue her, but suddenly the other two Patrangers appear and free her. Keiichiro (Patran #1) hands her VS Changer back to her and they all transform.

Umika has been left alone in the bistro by the other two Lupinrangers and there are no patrons. She is streaming a TV program which is interrupted by a news report announcing that the Global Police have recovered the missing people. She calls the others on her phone and they rush to the location where the Patrangers are fighting the Ganglers. During the fight, Patran #3 remembers that Lupin Yellow gave them a tip earlier, and ensures that Loveroom falls at her feet, giving her the opportunity to recover the Collection Piece within his safe. Good Striker appears and decides on a whim to help the Patrangers, who merge together to form Patran #4 and finish Loveroom off. Goshu appears and turns Loveroom into a giant so that he can capture more human for her. The Patrangers summon their Trigger Machines and merge with Good Striker to form Pat Kaiser. During the battle Loveroom manages to surround them with multiple shark jaws, through which he can teleport. The Lupinrangers summon their Dial Fighters to destroy the jaws, which impresses Good Striker so much he cancels his transformation with the Patrangers and forms Lupin Kaiser instead. The Lupinrangers defeat Loveroom and then Good Striker cancels his transformation again and flies away.

Back at the Lupinrangers’ bistro, Kogure has appeared to claim the Collection Piece. The Lupinrangers invite him to stay and eat, but he claims to be too busy and leaves. At the Global Police precinct, Jim Carter is showing Tsukasa the footage of Keiichiro and Sakuya hugging the toy shark and disappearing. Tsukasa is amazed that they figured out how to trigger the teleportation, and then becomes embarrassed when Keiichiro reveals that he saw her snuggling a stuffed dog back in their academy days, and therefore knows about her secret love for stuffed toys.

Did you enjoy finally getting an episode firmly focused on the Patrangers? Would you like to see more of the Ganglers? Could you resist hugging such a cute stuffed shark? Let us know in the comment section below, in our forum or on our Facebook page.


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